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The legendary R.W. Apple on Nonino

Legendary food and wine writer R.W. Apple’s landmark New York Times article on Grappa changed the way Americans saw (and tasted) Italian distillates in 1997.

“Grappa, Fiery Friend of Peasants, Now Glows With a Quieter Flame”
By R.W. Apple, New York Times, December 31, 1997

You might say, with a bit of poetic license, that grappa runs in Benito Nonino’s veins. For several generations, stretching back into the 19th century, his family has been distilling in Friuli, the northeastern corner of Italy. A questing, hawk-nosed man, he and his handsome, extroverted wife, Giannola, longed, as he often says, “to turn grappa from a Cinderella into a queen.”

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Mixologist Sam Ross, New York, New York

Photo via TimeOut New York.

Starting out in a high volume café at the age of 15, Sam Ross quickly fell in love – in lust, you could say – with the operations of working a bar. After a short stint washing glasses and lugging cases of beer, Ross started on the espresso machine, and fondly remembers pumping out cafe lattes to a 200-seat café. After finishing school, he helped his mother and sister open their own cocktail bar in Melbourne, Australia, called Ginger in 2001 – and it wasn’t long before cocktails were all he could think about.

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