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Master Mixologist Patricia Richards’ Nonino 2011 Trip Photo Album

Patricia was kind enough to share these photos with us… Enjoy!

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Mixologist Mike Ryan, Chicago, Illinois

Photo via Chicago Reader.

As head bartender at Sable Kitchen & Bar, Mike Ryan brings his signature culinary flair to the crafted cocktail. A Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago graduate, former Moto sous chef, and self-described “shot and a beer guy,” Ryan became accidentally enamored with bartending while working as a cook at Fulton Market restaurant Moto between 2005 and 2008. [Owner Homaro Cantu] “wanted a cook behind the bar,” remembers Ryan. “I was literally looking up things like highballs in a book.” Soon, Ryan became interested in the possibilities presented by unusual spirits, classic mixes and new flavor profiles.

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Mixologist Patricia Richards, Las Vegas, Nevada

Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, Patricia spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her foster mother and it is with her, that a love for the culinary arts was born. Now, with over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, Patricia finds herself a very busy lady, working as the property Mixologist for a Las Vegas Resort/Casino. As the first female in Las Vegas to hold such a role, Patricia oversees the creation and implementation of her specialty cocktails across property.

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Mixologist Sam Ross, New York, New York

Photo via TimeOut New York.

Starting out in a high volume café at the age of 15, Sam Ross quickly fell in love – in lust, you could say – with the operations of working a bar. After a short stint washing glasses and lugging cases of beer, Ross started on the espresso machine, and fondly remembers pumping out cafe lattes to a 200-seat café. After finishing school, he helped his mother and sister open their own cocktail bar in Melbourne, Australia, called Ginger in 2001 – and it wasn’t long before cocktails were all he could think about.

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