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Nonino featured in Wine Spectator

Elisabetta Nonino and Distilleria Nonino are featured in the June issue of Wine Spectator: “A Grappa Convert” by Jack Bettridge.

Click here to download a printable (PDF) version of the article.

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Lunch at home with the Nonino family

In January 2011, my wife Tracie P and I were guests in the home of the Nonino family. Our delicious and fascinating meal lasted 3 hours! Here’s my post on our visit.

Conversation over lunch in the home of the Nonino family (the first family of Italian distillation) ranged from encounters with Marcello Mastroianni, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and Luigi Veronelli to the (literal) renaissance of native grape varieties in Friuli. I was THRILLED to be invited for lunch in their home, a fascinating family with a fascinating history. That’s daughter Cristina and father Benito above. They served an aperitif of Amaro Nonino on the rocks with a slice of blood orange.

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