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Amaro Nonino featured in Food & Wine

“Lately,” writes executive wine editor Ray Isle in the December issue of Food & Wine, “thanks to the growing number of amaro-crazed mixologists and sommeliers, I’m not alone in my passion for the bittersweet Italian digestif.”

Seems that everybody’s talking about amaro these days!

Here’s what Ray had to say about Amaro Nonino:

Amaro Nonino Quintessentia

The Nonino family is mostly known for its acclaimed grappas, but they also produce this silky, liqueur-like amaro. It’s flavored with herbs from the mountains of Friuli.

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Master Mixologist Patricia Richards’ Nonino 2011 Trip Photo Album

Patricia was kind enough to share these photos with us… Enjoy!

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Eric Asimov on Nonino Amaro

In Eric Asimov’s Wednesday post for the The New York Times Dining Blog, “What Can I Drink at Thanksgiving Besides Wine?” he recommends Nonino Amaro as a Thanksgiving digestif…

What about after the meal?

Are you kidding? A pillow will do nicely. But I do recommend one postprandial beverage that is tailor-made for Thanksgiving: amari, the Italian range of digestifs that can do wonders to counter that overstuffed feeling.

Fernet-Branca is well known, gloriously bitter and surprising refreshing. Nonino makes a lighter, slightly sweeter amaro that suggested to David Wondrich, the drinks authority, a cocktail of half amaro and half rye whiskey. Sounds ideal after Thanksgiving. Or if needed, simply drink the amaro straight.

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Nonino Amaro in today’s New York Times

Above: The Reanimator, an original cocktail featured in today’s edition of The New York Times.

“The Reanimator,” write the editors of The New York Times, “made of rye whiskey and lighter Italian amaro, like Nonino, can help to counter that overstuffed feeling.

Click here for the recipe.

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Amaro Nonino‚Ķ Goddess Among Men

“The feminine mystique of amari,” writes Italian wine blogger and wine professional Joanie Karapetian. “The delicate flower of distillates. The showy ruffles and sweet, ethereal perfume of elixirs. I can rhapsodize for days about this lovely ether.”

We loved the wine she “feminized” Amaro Nonino…

Click here to read the rest of her excellent post…

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