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Amaro- and Grappa-infused sandwiches @salumenewyork

Photo via The Huffington Post. Text via Urban Daddy.

Cancel all lunch plans and make way for Liquor-Infused Panini from Salumè, just a few Italian sandwiches that also happen to be sauced up, available now.

This was inevitable. The polygamous marriage of mortadella, cave-aged cheeses you’ve got to pronounce in a hearty Italian accent and the distinct taste of the grappa dripped over the meat. Yes, dripped over. It’s not some complicated process of slow-cooking that burns off all the good stuff. They simply take a medicine dropper and make your sandwich alcoholic.

You’ve got a few options here. They’ve got one with Surryano ham and rye, and another with prosciutto, beets and scotch. There’s a crudo prosciutto with gin. Just taking home a couple pounds of the drizzled meat is another way to go. (Nothing goes with Kraft singles like gin-drizzled prosciutto.)

You’ll notice the booze more in some sandwiches than others, which obviously means that you’ll have to keep returning until you’ve viewed, wafted and expertly tasted each and every one.

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The Sugar Skull by Fogged in Lounge

A super cool cocktail using Amaro Nonino from one of our favorite San Francisco cocktail bloggers (and awesome photographer) Fogged in Lounge

Click here for the recipe…

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Fond memories from the famous Bar Zucca

One of the fondest memories of the mixologists’ trip to Italy was our visit to the famous Bar Zucca in Milan’s Galleria, where our team learned about the Milanese tradition of drinking amaro over crushed ice before dinner. That’s Chiara Nonino with us in the photos.

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Amaro means bitter in Italian, it is also the name of a category of after-dinner drinks, or digestivi. Usually registering from 16-35% alcohol, these liqueurs are flavored with any number of citrus, herbs, flowers, and roots.

The flavoring agents are left to macerate with a neutral alcohol base. Once maceration is completed, sugar is added to the solution and the product is left to age in casks or bottles.

Historically, amari were made in pharmacies and sold as medicinal tonics. The particular blend of herbs and roots were thought to have curative powers.

Today, amari are still used to aid in digestion, but they have their place behind the bar, rather than the medicine counter. There has been a recent trend among mixologists to use amari in a wide range of inventive cocktails, though Italians still prefer their after-dinner digestive neat.

There is flexibility within the category in the usage, and some of the lighter amari are taken as an aperitif. In the Nonino household, they serve their amaro to guests before dinner. They like it neat, with a slice of blood orange.

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The Bitter Venetian at the Indian Road Café (New York) @TheTipsyCow1

@TheTipsyCow1 shared this GORGEOUS photograph of the “Bitter Venetian” made with Amaro by Nonino and served at the Indian Road Café in New York.

Click here for the recipe.

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High Plains Drifter at the Shady Lady (Sacramento)

High Plains Drifter: Rittenhouse 100, Amaro Nonino, celery bitters.

Shady Lady, Sacramento, California.

Photo by Caroline on Crack.

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Caroline on Crack…

Caroline on Crack writes an awesome blog, the eponymous, Caroline on Crack, one of our favorite blogs devoted to fun stuff to do in Los Angeles.

And she likes to photograph the cocktails she drinks, like the stunning image below of a “Harvest Moon,” made with applejack, Amaro Nonino, Lillet, apple juice, and Angostura at Big Bar (in LA, obviously!).

Caroline on Crack is super cool…

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