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Founded in 1897 by Orazio Nonino in the Friuli region of Italy, Nonino has changed the way the world views grappa. Today, current proprietor Benito Nonino and his wife Giannola, together with their three daughters Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta, continue to lead Italian distillers through their devotion to research, quality and innovation. This blog aims to share news and information about the Nonino family, their history and legacy, and their products in Italy and the U.S.

4 responses to “About this Blog

  1. Rise Filippone

    Can you please tell me if you can purchase this grappa in NEW YORK or PHILADELPHIA as I will be travel there soon. I’m from Australia you cannot purchase it here. NONINO PICOLIT GRAPPA –chestnut honey / lo Chardonnay . Hope to here from you soon.

  2. Rose you can purchase it in New Zealand!

  3. Hi, I was given a bottle of Nonino traditional grappa by a friend in Italy and have not been able to find it in California. Can you suggest where I might buy Nonino in northern California (near San Francisco) or online? Thanks!

  4. Sil Orlando

    I am looking for it in Los Angeles too

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