The Italian “bar”

One of the first places that the Nonino family wanted to take us and show us was the Caffetteria Torinese in the town of Palmanova (not far from the distillery in Percoto, Friuli).

One of the reasons that they wanted to share this special and historic “bar” with us is the fact that owner Nereo Ballestriero’s famous bar was called the “best bar in Italy” by the Gambero Rosso Guide to the Bars of Italy 2011.

But they also took us there because, in their view, the caffetteria embodies everything an Italian “bar” should be: from its superb coffee service to its specialty cocktail menu, wine list, and creative and sophisticated noshes, the Caffetteria Torinese fulfills every expectation and satiates any desire.

In fact, that’s exactly what’s so unique about the Italian “bar”: its service ranges from coffee and breakfast to a sandwich at lunch with a glass of beer, from an aperitif (Amaro Nonino over ice with a slice of orange and a splash of seltzer?) to an elegant bottle of sparkling Ribolla Gialla with a light dinner or a Nonino distillate as digestivo after a meal at a favorite restaurant.

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