The art of prosciutto in Friuli

One of my favorite traditions in Friuli is the slice of prosciutto offered to guests as they arrive. You find this in people’s homes and you can still find it in some of the region’s traditional frasche (Friuliani dialect for trattorie).

During our October trip, we were greeted in the home of Elisabetta Nonino with a Prosciutto d’Osvaldo (the great cult prosciutto of Friuli), mounted in a traditional wrought-iron caddy, and sliced with a long knife (and not using a classic Berkel slicer, which is also common in Friuli, particularly in the best restaurants).

In the old days, when a traveler arrived from afar, the inn keeper offered her/him a slice of prosciutto and a round of bread as soon as he entered.

Classic pinzimonio (cruditès).

Traditional Frilian (crispy) frico, made with Montasio cheese.

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  1. Silvana Cefaloni

    I would like to know where could I find a traditional wrought-iron caddy to slice the prosciutto, like I see in your picture. Is there any store here in Canada? I live in Montreal (Quebec. Or, do you know anyone that sells them in Friuli or any part of Italy. Thanks

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