Eric Asimov on Nonino Amaro

In Eric Asimov’s Wednesday post for the The New York Times Dining Blog, “What Can I Drink at Thanksgiving Besides Wine?” he recommends Nonino Amaro as a Thanksgiving digestif…

What about after the meal?

Are you kidding? A pillow will do nicely. But I do recommend one postprandial beverage that is tailor-made for Thanksgiving: amari, the Italian range of digestifs that can do wonders to counter that overstuffed feeling.

Fernet-Branca is well known, gloriously bitter and surprising refreshing. Nonino makes a lighter, slightly sweeter amaro that suggested to David Wondrich, the drinks authority, a cocktail of half amaro and half rye whiskey. Sounds ideal after Thanksgiving. Or if needed, simply drink the amaro straight.

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One response to “Eric Asimov on Nonino Amaro

  1. The idea of Amaro after a Thanksgiving feast is one we simply should NOT ignore. I suggest we nominate Nonino Amaro as the “US National Post-Thanksgiving Meal Beverage”. (USNPTMB). There has got to be a better acronym.

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