The Sicilia by Patricia Richards

On the last night of our stay in Friuli, each of the mixologists participated in a friendly “Cocktail Challenge.” Below you’ll find Patricia Richard’s entry, the “Sicilia.”

Above, from left: Antonelli Nonino, Patricia Richards, Elisabetta Nonino, and Cristina Nonino.

“The basil and citrus are reminiscent of the flavors of Sicily,” said Patricia. Hence the name, the “Sicilia.”


By Patricia Richards

Tear 3 medium-sized fresh basil leaves and add to a shaker with ½ oz. freshly squeezed and strained lemon juice, ¾ oz. 1883 Routin Blood Orange Syrup, ½ oz. Bertagnolli Limoncello Liqueuer, 1¼ oz. Nonino Grappa Fragolino, and 2 oz. Ginger Beer. Shake well over ice and strain. Serve in Highball Glass garnished with basil leaf.

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