Dinner at Valter Scarbolo’s Frasca

The three mixologists (above) dined last night at Valter Scarbolo’s excellent Frasca, where they met Friulian winemaker Giampaolo Venica and cult prosciutto producer Andrea d’Osvaldo.

It’s hard to be unhappy at Valter’s Frasca! One of the best restaurants in Italy in our humble opinion…

Polenta topped with melted Montasio cheese and chanterelle mushrooms.

Orzotto (barley) with leeks and sausage.

Roast suckling pig loin with chestnuts.

Not just any tiramisu…

After dinner Andrea illustrated how prosciutto is typically sliced by hand in Friuli. He prefers hand-sliced…

An amazing meal…

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One response to “Dinner at Valter Scarbolo’s Frasca

  1. no frico?! oh but it all looks SO good!

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