Mixologist Patricia Richards, Las Vegas, Nevada

Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, Patricia spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her foster mother and it is with her, that a love for the culinary arts was born. Now, with over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, Patricia finds herself a very busy lady, working as the property Mixologist for a Las Vegas Resort/Casino. As the first female in Las Vegas to hold such a role, Patricia oversees the creation and implementation of her specialty cocktails across property.

In addition to these duties, she meets with vendors about their products, works on cocktail cost, menu layouts, managing warehouse inventories, and participates in numerous public relations activities to include print, radio and television appearances, special events, as well as teaching and training of staff on cocktails, spirits and bar techniques.

With a drive for learning and experimenting with flavors, Patricia has received several accolades in the mixology world to include a silver medal in the 2006 Bacardi Martini Grand Prix in Torino, Italy, 2008 nomination by Beverage Analyst Magazine, as one of the top ten, trend-setting mixologists in the country, first place winner of the 2009, Sante Iron Bar Chef competition, first place winner of the 2010, National Milagro Margarita and National Finlandia Vodka Competitions and 2011, first place nod by Ask Men.com, as the Top Female Bartender in the country! When not working, Patricia enjoys hiking, nature, food, wine, travel, adventure, beauty and love.

Patricia is passionate about conscious evolution of oneself (mind, body & spirit), she is a believer in the mind-body connection, holistic, preventative medicine when appropriate, and is a proponent of the “green movement”. Patricia sees all of life as an adventure and an experience to be embraced and shared, and she hopes that we will all learn to do this with understanding, compassion and love. Feel free to spend some time with Patricia, as she shares her adventures with you!

Via PatriciaRichards.biz.

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