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lincoln restaurant new york michelin star

Above: “Eel and Foie Gras Terrine with Brown Bread and Apricot Mostarda,” a recent dish at the Michelin-starred Lincoln Ristorante in New York City (image via the Lincoln Ristorante Instagram).

One of the great things about Nonino products is that they are deeply appreciated by the top food, wine, and spirits professionals working across the world today.

We were thrilled to learn that Amaro Nonino is being used in a cocktail at one of New York City’s hottest dining destinations, the Michelin-starred Lincoln Ristorante at Lincoln Center.

It’s called the “Tramonto al Sud” (Sunset in the South).


Check out the Lincoln wine list and cocktail menu here.

Lincoln Ristorante
142 W 65th St
New York, NY 10023
(212) 359-6500
Google map

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A WONDERFUL @Hawk_Wakawaka interview with Giannola Nonino

giannola nonino grappa

“A year ago,” writes this week Elaine Brown, aka Hawk Wakawka, one of the most dynamic wine bloggers working in the U.S. today, “a few of us were lucky enough to share two days with the Nonino family. The Noninos are the most well known grappa producers in Italy, known for a series of innovations in production that succeeded in raising the status of grappa worldwide.”

“While Benito Nonino distilled the grappa, his wife Giannola (above) developed many of the ideas, and packaging that helped raised Benito’s work to such prominence. Today their three daughters are thoroughly involved in running Nonino, and have gone on to continue the tradition of innovation and quality. After working on it for a decade, the three daughters succeeded at figuring out how to distill honey, for example.”

“If you don’t already know how grappa is made, you can check out my Behind the Scenes at Nonino piece over at Serious Eats, here.”

“While with the Nonino family, Cathy Huyghe and I asked Giannola to share more of her story. Jeremy Parzen translated. The following is a transcript of her story as translated by Jeremy. She begins by speaking of her family history as the foundation of the work she did for Nonino, as well as for how she raised their children.”

Click here to read this truly compelling interview with Giannola.

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New Nonino Cocktail Books are here!

Click on the images below to grab the PDF versions of the books.

The second one includes cocktails created by the three celebrity mixologists who visited Friuli and Nonino in October 2011.

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Giannola Nonino meets Marcello Mastroianni

As told to Alessandra Beltrame.

We were in the foyer of a theater. They pointed Marcello Mastroianni out to me. I wanted to meet him. I walked over to him.

“You are an exceptional man,” I said, “please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Giannola Nonino.”

“Nonino, the grappa?” he asked. “I’m the one who should bow before such talent.”

And he actually bowed, right there, in front of everyone. And he kissed my hand.

Now can you see why I love my job so much? It fills me with stupendous emotion.

Image via Matteo Tilley.

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Amaro- and Grappa-infused sandwiches @salumenewyork

Photo via The Huffington Post. Text via Urban Daddy.

Cancel all lunch plans and make way for Liquor-Infused Panini from Salumè, just a few Italian sandwiches that also happen to be sauced up, available now.

This was inevitable. The polygamous marriage of mortadella, cave-aged cheeses you’ve got to pronounce in a hearty Italian accent and the distinct taste of the grappa dripped over the meat. Yes, dripped over. It’s not some complicated process of slow-cooking that burns off all the good stuff. They simply take a medicine dropper and make your sandwich alcoholic.

You’ve got a few options here. They’ve got one with Surryano ham and rye, and another with prosciutto, beets and scotch. There’s a crudo prosciutto with gin. Just taking home a couple pounds of the drizzled meat is another way to go. (Nothing goes with Kraft singles like gin-drizzled prosciutto.)

You’ll notice the booze more in some sandwiches than others, which obviously means that you’ll have to keep returning until you’ve viewed, wafted and expertly tasted each and every one.

Click here to continue reading…

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The Sugar Skull by Fogged in Lounge

A super cool cocktail using Amaro Nonino from one of our favorite San Francisco cocktail bloggers (and awesome photographer) Fogged in Lounge

Click here for the recipe…

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Fond memories from the famous Bar Zucca

One of the fondest memories of the mixologists’ trip to Italy was our visit to the famous Bar Zucca in Milan’s Galleria, where our team learned about the Milanese tradition of drinking amaro over crushed ice before dinner. That’s Chiara Nonino with us in the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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